About Andrew Jones

Recording Budapest, 2018

Recording Budapest, 2018

Selected Engineering Discography

I own a private studio in Denton, TX called The Nest, which is designed after research from scholars in audio and anthropology like Dr. Alan Williams (University of Massachusetts) and Damon Minchella (University of South Wales). If that’s too fancy for you, it’s a high-end home studio that will deliver modern-sounding recordings in a relaxed atmosphere. Hi-fi, low pressure. I also have access to The Echo Lab in Denton and can record in an artist’s studio of choice or bring the bare necessities to record on location for special projects.


I’m also an artist and composer.

My work has been featured on AV Club, The Corpsepaint Show, and The Warlord Radio Podcast.

Listen to Tales of Doom on Bandcamp and watch the video for Mary.

Watch Sound for Bombs and listen on Bandcamp.


I like to talk about music.

i’ve been a guest on Kill Rock Stars’ The Future of What and contribute to Waveform Magazine.