Artist of the occult


Andrew Jones is an artist here to record the quiet stories of the world and beyond. You almost heard of the Texas-via-Colorado songwriter and musician before. After performing with 3 Inches of Blood, Jag Panzer, and Crisis in his teens, Jones's versatile talents led him around the country as a silver bullet for artists with major label development deals. It wasn't long before Jones was tapped for a songwriting assignment for Michael Jackson by way of Steve Porcaro (Toto) in 2008. Jackson's comeback album proved ill-fated, and not even sold out shows could keep Jones from leaving music for several years. After a long personal journey, Jones developed a polarizing artistry that defies audience expectation. 

After testing the waters with a homebrew EP in 2014 (praised by music writer and Andrew W.K. researcher Phillip Crandall), an appearance on Adult Swim star David Liebe Hart's tribute album, his own debut LP No, and a 2015 single featuring The Offspring's Pete Parada, Jones has new territory to explore. As an artist with no boundaries, Jones follows inspiration where it leads him, from experimental synthesis to heavy metal.

In 2017, Jones engineered and mixed the debut EP from the Colorado three-piece, Spirettes.